The ViziFrame System was designed with four general applications in mind:

  • A general purpose digital signage solution combining live and static graphics running in a small PC attached to large LCD/Plasma displays

  • A turn-key local weather channel display for live web graphics provided by IntelliWeather

  • A simple cable TV channel combining live and static graphics into an NTSC or PAL composite video output

  • A digital picture frame system that combines stored and live web imagery

As far as specific applications go, ViziFrame can be used for:





Point of Sale advertising City Cable TV channel School lunch menu Hotel Lobby Kiosk
Food court menus Meetings Schedule Kiosk School events billboard Hotel Meetings and Events
End-cap promotions Building directory In-school cable TV channel Hotel Cable TV channel
Window billboards Events billboard District wide TV channel Restaurant Ads
Gas Station TV Visitor TV channel/kiosk University Events Channel Truck Stop Weather Channel

The ViziFrame Appliance can be connected to most SVGA phosphor or LCD monitors, flat panel LCD displays, flat panel plasma displays, projection TV's, DLP TV's and any other device capable of displaying computer video via a DB15 SVGA connector.

Additionally, if the ViziFrame Hardware is equipped with it, you can output video TV's, cable systems, projections TV's etc. You can output NTSC or PAL composite or S-Video (Y/C component video) from the ViziFrame Server Appliance directly. Separate scan converters to convert SVGA to NTSC video can also be used.

When the ViziFrame Appliance is set to fetch images via FTP or HTTP protocol via the Internet or from a file server on your LAN, it checks to see if a newer image exists on the server, and downloads and displays it automatically when a new file is detected. Images that have been downloaded are automatically stored in a local image cache in the ViziFrame server to reduce bandwidth requirements.

This makes it easy to update hundreds of ViziFrames by simply publishing news images to a single web server location used by all ViziFrames.










The ViziFrame Digital  Signage Network can be used for:

  Retail Signage and Displays
  Plasma Signs
  LCD Signs
  Projector Signs
  Point of Purchase (POP) Signage for product advertisement
  Window Displays to help drawn in Mall and outside consumers.
  Merchandizing Signs
  Advertising Signs
  Store Signage
  Office Building Informational Signage
  Menu Boards for Fast Food Restaurants and Concession Stands
  Informational Signs
  Point of Sale (POS) Signs
  Mall Displays
  In-Store Dynamic Signage
  Out-Of-Home Advertising
  Visual Merchandising