ViziFrame - the simple digital signage appliance


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ViziFrame provides a simple and inexpensive solution to creating digital signage. Our ViziFrame Appliance can be deployed most anywhere to create a simple and reliable digital signage system either stand-alone or as part of a network of signs. If you can run Windows, and can work with pictures from digital cameras, paint programs, and web based images from an internet location, you can run a ViziFrame network.

Its easy - you can have a digital sign up and running within minutes of taking it out of the box!

ViziFrame turns any TV, LCD, or Plasma Monitor into a digital sign. Fresh image and/or video content can be automatically fetched and displayed from any web server (or intranet server) anywhere in the world as soon as it is updated. Using our simple Windows based client, you can upload shows to ViziFrames that are networked singly or in groups. Your choice of wall mount, behind monitors, or desktop mounts are standard and all mounting hardware is included.


Why ViziFrame?

  • Simple and easy - and we mean simple and easy - this philosophy pervades the design
  • No big learning curves are needed - if you can run a web browser (you're here right?) you can run this
  • Setup once and forget it - about 90% of digital signage setups are this way - we cater to that
  • Reliable and trouble free - embedded rock solid Linux OS on solid state disk - no disk crashes to worry about
  • Web content enabled - ViziFrame will pull live image content from any URL - one web server update can automatically update hundreds of ViziFrames
  • Standard design philosophy - no hostile applications or controls to install, no strange protocols, no proprietary networking methods
  • Compact design - small enough to mount most anywhere
  • Cheap - ViziFrame costs a lot less than other digital signage solutions - low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Flexible - works with just about any video display on the market - you get to choose what display works best for you

Features at a glance:

  • Turns LCD's, Plasma, HDTV, or traditional TV monitors into digital signs
  • Linux based dedicated appliance for high reliability and low maintenance
  • Entirely menu driven, no knowledge of Linux required to operate
  • Displays images, plus video MPEG, AVI, and other movie clips with sound in any sequence
  • Wired CAT5 or wireless WiFi B/G wireless network interface - both included
  • Run one to hundreds of digital signs on any TCP/IP network - fully scalable
  • Content can be managed peer to peer with our Windows based client or from a remote web server
  • Internet enabled - will pull live content from any web server worldwide, automatically
  • Update one or more files on a web server, and you can immediately update an unlimited number of ViziFrames
  • Affordable and flexible in its deployment, fully automatic operation
  • AC or DC powered for fixed, remote, or mobile applications
  • Viewer capturing live local weather content is available, some free content is provided





ViziFrame is ROHS compliant

ViziFrame has energy saving features built in, which exceed Energy Star requirements by more than 50%, but we can't show the Energy Star logo because they are being petty about it. ;-)